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yellowstone thermals

It took me a while to get to Yellowstone, and I can't really explain why, for I'd photographed in most of the other major Parks in western USA some years ago.  But I did manage to put that right in late September 2012,  spending a week or so inside the park as well as some time in the Grand Tetons and Montana.  We stayed in the Park Lodges, so had no excuse not to be out and about in the right places whenever the light was worthwhile.

My major objective was to photograph Yellowstone's thermal features- the pools. geysers, the colourful run-offs and the steam.  I did some landscape work too, both in the Park and also before and after in the Grand Tetons and Montana, but to my mind at least this ran a distant second to the thermal activity and its fair to say that i might not have travelled 5000 plus miles for the landscape opportunities alone.  Meanwhile the thermal features were absorbing and varied.  I hadn't realised how different things might look under heavy steam in the early mornings and under bright or overcast skies later in the day.  So each of the areas merited and got several  sessions.  Yellowstone might have been a long while coming for me, but it certainly felt worth it in the end.

01  Emerald Pool
02  Grand Prismatic Spring
03   Biscuit Basin
04   Midway Basin
05   Biscuit Basin-runoff
06   Chromatic Pool
07   Grand Prismatic Spring
08   Morning Glory Pool
09   Midway Basin
10  Grand Prismatic Spring
11   Biscuit Basin , pre-dawn
12   Porcelain Basin, Norris
13   Heart Spring
14   Black Sand Basin, dawn
15   Grand Prismatic Spring
16   Mammoth Hot Springs, Orange Spring Mound
17   Chromatic Pool
18    Grand Prismatic Spring
19   Midway Basin
21  Doublet Pool
21   Mammoth Hot Springs.  Palette Spring
22   Beauty Pool
23   Black Sand Basin
24   Black Sand Basin
25   Grand Prismatic Spring
26  Sulphur Caldron, Hayden Valley
27   Firehole River near Biscuit Basin
28   Grand Prismatic Spring
29    Midway Basin
30.  Black Sand Basin , sun and steam
31   Grand Prismatic Spring
32    Porcelain Basin, Norris
33.   Crested Pool
34.  Near Biscuit Basin , early morning
35.   Chromatic Pool
36   Spasmodic Geyser
37    Mammoth Hot Srings, Palette Spring
38   Crested Pool
39   Porcelain Basin, Norris
40   Mammoth Hot spring, Minerva Terraces

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