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The European Landscape

Simply a selection of photographs from Europe, stretching from Greenland to the Mediterranean. You might just wonder why the UK isn't included at all and there's very little from Italy? Answer is simply that both these countries have a gallery of their own, reflecting the weeks and months that I've spent there in the last twenty years or so.

"Landscape" is interpreted rather liberally here, and I've made no attempt to exclude the hand of man or photographs that depend strongly on a seaside location. To me, "landscape" has always been better defined by the scale of the photographs rather than by inclusions or exclusions of content.

1.   Carennac, Dordogne,  France
2.   Haukland,  Lofoten,  Norway
3.  Playa de Esteiro,  Galicia, Spain
4.  Settlement,  West Greenland
5.   Arnarstapi, Iceland
6.   Faroe Islands
7.  near Vikten,  Lofoten,  Norway
8.  Lake near Hofn,  Iceland
9.  Bardenas Reales,  Zaragoza, Spain
10.   Lofoten Islands,  Norway
11.    Irsina, Basilicata, Italy
12.  Connemara, Ireland
13.  West Fjords,    Iceland
14.   Etretat,  Normandy
15.  Playa de Toro,  Asturias,   Spain
16.    Oyndarfjordur,   Faroes
17.  Reine,  Lofoten,  Norway
18.   Jokulsarlon,   Iceland
19.  Downstream from Dettifoss,  Iceland
20.   Greenland
21.  Belle-Ile,   Brittany,  France
22.   Near Kirkjubaejar,  Iceland
23.  Dos  Castros,  Galicia,  Spain
24.  Langraget,  Lofoten,   Norway
25.  Kunoy, Faroes
26.  Flysch,  Zumaia,  Spain
27.  Storsandenes,  Lofoten,  Norway
28.   St Estephe, Medoc,  France
29.  Sildpollnesnet,  Norway
30.  Faroe Islands
31.  Arnia,  Cantabria,  Spain
32. Ramberg.   Lofoten,  Norway
33.      O Grove,   Galicia,    Spain
34.    Dalheim,  Hinnoya, Norway
35.  Westport,  Ireland
36.  Skogarfoss,  Iceland
37.   Bardenas Reales,   Zaragoza,   Spain
38.  Faroes
39.  Selfjord,  Lofotens,   Norway
40.  St Julien, Medoc,  France
41.  Skagsanden,  Lofoten,  Norway
42.   Gueirua,   Asturias,   Spain
43.  Urbino,   Le Marche,   Italy
44.  Dyrholaey,   Vik,    Iceland
45.  Disko Island,  Greenland
46.  Arnarstapi,  Snaefellsnes,  Iceland
47.   Lot Valley, west of Cahors
48.  Haukland,  Lofoten,   Norway
49.  O Grove,  Galicia,  Spain
50.  Andalucia, Spain

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