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the colours of rajasthan

One of the more difficult tasks facing a photographer is how to group  the work for display purposes, whether a show or a website or a presentation.  In general I've tried over the years to group into themes as much as I can, reflecting a reality that many ideas can be applied to more than one location, and maybe to many locations.  And whilst I almost invariably travel to photograph, I don't consider myself a travel photographer, and that again prods me in the direction of a thematic approach.  But sometimes a group of photographs emerge that just don't sit well with other work in close proximity. 

In those cases there doesn't seem to be a good alternative to a strightforward location portfolio approach, and that's the case here with a selection of strongly coloured photographs from a visit to Rajasthan in early 2012.

01   Chittorgarh, temple
02  Delhi, Humayun'sTomb
03  Jodhpur, behind the fort
04   Jodhpur and Merangarh fort
05  Mathura,  cruisin'.
06   Jodhpur, blue city
07  Bundi,  Brothers in arms
08  Udaipur from Jawat Niwas
09   Udaipur street market
10 Udaipur, sunset
11 Pushkar street food
12  Jaipur  City Palace
13   Bundi,  milking.
14  Agra Fort, Diwan-I-Alam
15 Pushkar, street Cafe
16  Bundi Palace
17  Udapur City Palace
18 Bundi-holy cow.
19   Ajmer, Red Temple interior
20  Mathura, painted boats
21.   Ceiling  Mandawa
22   Mandawa, street  food
23  Pushkar, Varah Ghat
24  Jaipur.  Wire shop, bazaar
25   Taj Mahal.
26 Jaipur City Palace, Jaali screen
27     Mathura, riverbank
28 Jaipur.  sweepers
29  Jaipur City Palace.  Peacock gate
30  Fatehpur Sikri- Jaali screen
31   Jaipur  City Palace door
32   Fatehpur Sikri, Maryam's  house
33   Taj Mahal from Guesthouse, Agra
34   Agra Fort, Pearl Mosque
35   Jaipur, Jantar Mantar
36   Ranakpur- temple detail
37   Bundi, stall detail
38  sweet seller- salt plain
39   Agra Fort, shoe lady
40  Jaipur, Amber Fort

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