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the american landscape

I've photographed a lot in the USA both in rural and city environments, and from deserts to lush woodlands and everything between. So there are quite a few USA photographs on this site, mostly  as parts of thematic portfolios, occasionally  as an entire gallery from a special place. 

This portfolio aims to cover the length and breadth,  not exhaustively but picking out a dozen or so locations that over the years have given me great pleasure. They are not necessarily the best photographs I have,  for I also set myself the task of excluding locations that the viewer may have seen photographed similarly countless times before.  So I've got little desire to add to the already massive stock of competent work from Utah's red rock country, from the Grand Tetons, and other places where increasingly I find myself standing shoulder-to-shoulder with walls of people all doing pretty much the same thing.  And by their very numbers denying each other the option to compose freely and to lose yourself in what's in front of you. Sometimes we can get more peace and more unusual photographs simply by changing time of day. Other locations I'm afraid I just regard as lost to me now. 

01.   Painted Desert,   Arizona
02.  Southern Montana
03.    Massachussetts
04.  Yellowstone Falls
05.   Near Saratoga Springs,   New York
06.  Silverton- Durango Railroad
07.  Waits River,   Vermont
08.  Great Sand Dunes, Colorado
09.  Petrified Forest,  Arizona
10.   Adirondack Mts,  New York
11.   Montana back-road
12.    Upper New York State
13.  Lake Powell,  Utah
14.  Badlands,  Delta,  Colorado
15.  Painted Hills,  Oregon
16.  White Sands,  New Mexico
17,   White Sands,  New Mexico
18.  White Sands,   New Mexico
19,  White Sands,  New Mexico
20,   White Sands, New Mexico
21.  West Quoddy,  Maine
22.  Dallas Divide,  Colorado
23.   Shiprock,    New Mexico
24.  Saratoga Springs,  New York
25.   From Peacham,  Vermont
26.   Canyon de Chelly, Arizona
27.  Near Amherst,  Massachussetts
28.  Red Mounain Pass, San Juan Mts.
29.  Stonington,  Maine
30.  Topsham,  Vermont
31.  Bisti Badlands,   New Mexico
32.   White Sands,  New Mexico
33.   White Sands,   New Mexico
34.  White Sands,   New Mexico
35.   Bisti Badlands,   New Mexico
36. Canyonlands, Utah
37.   Petrifed Forest,  Arizona
38.   Bisti Badlands,    New Mexico
39.   Ophir Pass,   San Juan Mountains
40.   Alabama Hills, California

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