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northern exposure

I've found myself increasingly drawn to evocative images with a lot of cloud and fog, rather than more typical landscape photographs that depend in large measure on sunlight.  Maybe these depend on light too- but it's a different sort of light.  It certainly means deliberately choosing locations and periods when this sort of image is likely to be found. Here we have, in the main, images from a spring visit to the Faroes in 2014, supplemented by some from autumn visits to Iceland and northwest Ireland.

 1.  Faroes,     Gasaladur
2.    Faroes,   From Boer,  Vagur
3.  Faroes,   Gjogv
4.  Faroes
5.    Faroes
6.   Faroes,   Husavik,  Sandoy
7.   Faroes,   Kunoy
8.   Faroes
9.   Faroes
10.   Faroes,     Oyandarfjordur
11.   Faroes,      Leirvik
12.   Faroes,    Funningur
13.   Faroes,     Kunoy
14.   Faroes,    Oyandarfjordur
15.  Faroes
 16.   Faroes
17.    Faroes,    Tornuvik
18.   Faroes,   Kollafjordur
19.   Faroes,  Oyandarfjordur
20.   Faroes
21.   Faroes,  Funningur
22.  Faroes,   from Bour
23.  Faroes,   Saksun
24.  Faroes ,    Leynar
25.   Krossnes,   Westfjord,   Iceland
26.   Patreksfjordur,    Iceland
27.       Raudasandur,    Iceland
28.   Skardabrun,   Westfjord,   Iceland
29.   Djuoavik,   Iceland
30.   Stadarbakki,    Iceland
31.    Bolafjall,   Westfjord,   Iceland
32.  Veidileysa,   Westfjord,   Iceland
33.   Djupavik,    Iceland
34.    Cockpit,   Hnjotur,   Westfjord,  Iceland
35.   Donegal,   Ireland
36.   Donegal,   Ireland
37.    Donegal,   Ireland
38.   Donegal,    Ireland

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