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There are a lot of architectural photographs on this site. Organising these into separate portfolios was necessary but not easy. I do think that photographs of commonplace buildings, designed for ordinary living and working, rarely look well set amongst architect –designed grand constructions. This portfolio represents the “little architecture” in styles that have come to characterise the way their parts of the world look, from maritime Nova Scotia and Ile de Re, to urban , crowded Hong Kong, the adobes of New Mexico, the White Villages of Andalucia and more.

Please view this as a work in progress.  The photographs in this gallery still don't fit together as well as they should and neither are they all photographs in the sense that a photograph should bring a little more than documenting an existence. I feel that putting the portfolio up might force me to either make it better or recognise that it's unlikely to get better. 

01.  Sainte Guenole,  Brittany
02.   Peggy's Cove,  Grandma Moses scene, 2
04.   Cabin near Ingonish,  Nova Scotia
5.  Winery, Medoc,  France
41.   Dalheim  Hinnoya  Norway
06.  Bras D'Or,  Newfoundland
7.   Jodhpur, India
08.  Prospect Harbour. Nova Scotia
9.    Yucatan,   Mexico
10.        Open Hall, Newfoundland
11.  Setberg, Snaefellsnes,  Iceland
12.  Marais,  Paris
13.   Mathura,  India
45.  Reine, Lofoten
14.  Vaughn,  New Mexico
15.  Lower East Side,   NYC
16.   Ile de Re1
17.  Pomuch,  Yucatan
18.  Erice,  Sicily
19.   Carennac,   Dordogne
20.    Ile de Re 4
21  Taos Pueblo,   New Mexico
03.    Peggy's Cove,  Grandma Moses scene, 1
22.  Diner,  Queens,  NYC
23.   North Point, Hong Kong
24.  Trinity,   Newfoundland
25.   St Julien Village, Dordogne
26.  Bundi,  India
27.   Ranchos de Taos,  NM
28.  Montepulciano,  Tuscany
29,  White Village, Andalucia
30.   Near Sarlat, Dordogne
31.   Faroes
32.  Basilicata,  Italy
33.  Honfleur harbourside,   Normandy
43.   Settlement, Greenland
34.  St Malo.   beachfront  2
35.   Faroes
36.  Squinziano,   Puglia,    Italy
37.  Pushkar, India
44. Settlement   Greenland
38.  Trinidad,   Cuba
39.  Valladolid,  Yucatan
40.  Painted Haveli,   Fatehpur,  India
42.  Settlement, Greenland

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