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iceland in summer

I've made three summer visits to Iceland, all in August-September.  Nearly all the photographs included here were made on a trip to the West Fjords, and  a subsequent circumnavigation .  A quick glance at the photographs here will tell you that the big difference between summer and winter is simply that in summer there's not usually snow at road level .  It certainly isn't a time of wall to wall blue skies and T shirts;  though to be fair I have had T shirt days in Iceland- just not many. 

But the real difference is that you can get around.  You can drive yourself, and negotiate the mass of gravel roads as well as the tarmac, and this brings a lot more areas into play. With that and the longer days one gets a lot more photographs, and you don't have to sacrifice the action in the skies either.  All told, for me it's one of the very best summer locations, and even with the inevitable rain we came back with a lot of pleasing photographs.

01  Godafoss
02  Raudasandur
03  Vik
04  West Fjords
05  Nupur, West Fjords,
06  Bardastrond,  West Fjords
07  Skogarfoss
08  Veidileysa
09  Namaskard,  Myvatn
10  Kerlingarfjoll
11    Flokalundur
12  Jokulsarlon
13   Flokalundur
14    Grandma Moses church, Arnes
15  Djupavik dawn
16   Dyrholaey
17.   Kerlingarfjoll
18.   Gjogur
19.    Dettifoss
20.   Gjogur
21.  Jokulsarlon
22.   The edge of Lanjokull
23.   Hverir,  Myvatn
24.  Dalvik, dawn
25.    Jokulsarlon
26.   Djupavik
27.   Kerlingarfjoll
28.   Dyrholaey
29.   Kirkjufell
30.  Vik
31.  Skalavik
32.   Hverir
33.  near Grundafjordur.
34.   West Fjords
35.   Kerlingarfjoll
36.    East of Vik
37.   Kerlingarfjoll
38.    Gjogur
39.    Flokalundur
40.  Hverir
41.   Hverir
42.   Skogarfoss,  Troll View
43.   West Fjords
44.   Bardastrond,   West Fjords
45.   Modrudalur

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