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For as long as I've photographed seriously, I've tried hard, sometimes very hard, to keep people out of my photographs.  People just haven't been a useful part of how I saw the photographs I make.  I'm not always a patient person, and people- or their bright clothes, or their vehicles  are amongst the greatest frustrations I've felt in photography.

Then I landed in Cuba in 2009 for my third substantive visit in eight years.  I'd been really looking forward to it, but within an hour of leaving my Havana hotel I knew that this was a trip too far.  The photographs of colourful crumbling buildings and cars  were projects that were done and weren't going to satisfy me that time.  So- how to fill 8 days in Havana and Trinidad?  Its a stretch to think of Cuban food as being gastronomic or absorbing.  I won't sit on a beach for long,  and I can't  spend days touring bars since I'm diabetic and the great cocktails and decent beer are strictly in moderation.

 So I photographed Cubans. 

01 Cubans
02 Cubans
03 Cubans
04 Cubans
05 Cubans
06 Cubans
07 Cubans
08 Cubans
09 Cubans
10 Cubans
11 Cubans
12 Cubans
13 Cubans
14 Cubans
15 Cubans
16 Cubans
17 Cubans
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20 Cubans

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