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fall colour

I have a lot of fall colour photographs, to the point where making a single gallery simply excludes too much.  So I've constructed three geographically-based galleries that I intend to rotate  every few months.  This first is from Colorado; the other galleries will focus on Scotland and on Eastern North America, including New England, New York State and also Nova Scotia, an underrated autumn location that I'm sure could be a lot more popular with a bit more publicity and a tourism infrastructure that makes it easier to stay and eat there outside the summer.

Unlike the other locations, Colorado's fall colour is provided almost totally by one tree, the aspen , which may grow singly but also in vast stands that usually turn and fall together.  So its a different visual experience altogether from say Scotland and New England with their multicoloured tapestries.  But the Colorado environment, with high mountains and the chance of snow in the foliage season, is unparalleled, and quite so much colour in such a dramatic setting takes a lot of beating. Here I usually find it best to photograph the foliage in its setting rather than alone.  Equally it's fair to say that I consider there's more to photographing fall colour than seeking out huge swathes of the brightest colours I can find.  Quite often, less is more, and a little colour can go a very long way.

I've driven the length and breadth of Colorado State to make these photographs but realistically at least 70% of the photographs in this gallery emanate from the San Juan mountains in the south-west of the state

01  Aspens, Independence Pass, Colorado
02  Cushman Lake, Telluride
03.  Dallas Divide
04.  Crested Butte
05   Lime Creek Road
06.  Kebler Pass
07  On the way to Maroon Bells
08.  Kebler Pass 2.
09  Lime Creek Road 2
10. Crystal Lake, Ouray
11.   Mount Crested Butte
12.  Wilson Mesa
13.  Road to Gothic
14.  Ironton
15. Hillside Drive Road
16.  Kebler Pass, Colorado
17.  Ripple Creek Pass
18.  East Fork, Dallas Creek.
19.  Sunshine Mesa
20.   Owl Creek Pass
21.   Cimarron Ridge- Owl Creek Pass Rd.
22.  West Fork, Dallas Creek
23.  Above Crested Butte
24.  Ripple Creek Pass
25.  Road to Gothic
26.  Twin Lakes near Leadville
27.  Near Aspen
28.  Red Mountain Pass
29.  Red Mountain No. 3
30.  Hillside Drive Road
31.  Rabbit Ears Pass
32.  Trappers Lake Rd,   Flat-Tops
33.  Red Mountain Pass
34.  Gothic Road,    Crested Butte
35.  Woods Lake
36.  Crystal Mill.  Marble
38.  Mt Sneffels from Dallas Divide
37.  Ophir Pass
39.  Crested Butte.  Gothic Road
40.  West Fork,  Dallas Creek

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